Sat. night my phone rang at 10:00...when i saw dad's cell on my phone i panicked and immediately thought something's wrong.... my dad does not call at 10:00 at night (actually no one calls at that time since i reached my 30's and had kids ha!).  when i answered the phone it was super loud and my dad was yelling "shannon do you hear this?!!"  i realized he was at a concert w/ my brother and he was excited about a song that was playing.  it put a smile on my face that he thought to call me.  i didn't want him to know that all i heard was yelling and nothing that resembled music.  i get my love for music from my dad.  he listens to songs he loves loud and over and over again.  whenever we are together he likes you to listen to the songs he's discovered.  it's cute and i realize i do the same here's my suggestion of the week (dad i think you'll like it).

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