five weeks ago, i decided that i needed to start running again.  i was having a hard time balancing things: the summer with the kids home, building a house, my work load and working from home (which is currently a 2 bedroom apt).  so i decided to hit the pavement.  the first day, i ran 3 miles and have continued ever since.  but saturday, warren decided we were going to run 6 miles.....i thought i was going to die.  but i made it.  there is nothing better then the feeling you get when you reach your front door after a run....knowing that you set out to do something and you completed it.  the one thing that gets me through my run is my are some of my fav's in case you need some motivation:

Here's to Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne
Die Young Ke$ha
Same Love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
All of the Lights Kayne
Feel this Moment Pittbull

any i should add??!!  hope y'all are doing wonderful!!

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