TGIF and a phone dump!!!!  thanksgiving ended up being at my house this year and it was the best time ever....and it gave me an excuse to make the craft paper runners!!  everyone chipped in and fun and sooo easy.

after thanksgiving me and the fam, heading to charleston for a night of fun and to check on the progress of the new construction i'm working on....

 hey dad :)

nothing beats c'town shopping....these had me drooling....i would have loved to have come home w/ the ram head coffee table but she was out of my budget :(
 sunday, tay and i had a mother/ daughter outing and we went looking for what she wanted santa to bring her....she took pictures of all the items (an easy bake oven is her #1).

 this is my breakfast date every AM.....he melts my heart.

this armoire has been staring me down....i love her.  the yellow doesn't work in my house (kelly green or turquoise would though)....i keep trying to make an excuse of why i need her.
after yesterday's post, i'm determined to find my inner fun again :)  it includes lots of laughing and gangham style dance parties.....
hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!!!  i've got a date w/ 2 girlfriends to see this.....and don't think for a second i'm not super excited!!!

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