on monday, i surprised my mom for her b'day and went home.  my hometown is small; i grew up downtown next to the college.  we could walk everywhere: to church, to the bakery to get candy and smiley face cookies, to my parents' offices, to school (i actually only did it twice & hated every minute of it), to restaurants, and to our favorite hangouts to meet old friends....
i love going back.  i always go to the same places, now w/ my kids, maybe to recreate my childhood memories: smiley face cookies, chocolate glazed doughnuts (my dad got these every sat. am), story time at the library (which happens to be done by my mother still)...i've added a few new things: a walk to get the best coffee (drew barrymore stopped here too), i pop into the local antique stores (that don't have air conditioning for some reason), i always visit the post office (i haul fabric everywhere), and a quick trip into the cute clothing boutiques.  yesterday, i walked to pick up my mom's favorite chicken salad, i took the short cut through the bank to get there, and i passed so many familiar faces.  it made me smile.  that is something that you cannot's just home.  and it feels so good.

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