Dear Pinterest, i don't know how you do it but you make me cook stuff i would never even image doing before you came along.  and 85% of the time, mine turns out terrible.....this is what i decided to make last night for dinner: chik-fil-a bites and crispy edamame.  i was excited about it, really i was.  just an hour before i began, my friend and i had a huge conversation about recent pinterest recipes we had pinned.

 i wish i had taken a picture of what mine looked like.  it was pitiful.  first of all, i have never fried anything in my life (again, a perfect example of how pinterest gets me to do crazy things).  i usually eat pretty healthy and here i was with my dutch oven and lots of cooking oil, burning pitiful chicken that i had marinaded in pickle juice for 3 hrs.  then i pulled out my crispy edamame from the oven....oh, i wish i had taken a picture, it was awful.  they tasted horrible.  my husband asked what they were (and we had just eaten these this past weekend)...they were unrecognizable.
here's a picture of my cooking....for walker's b'day i decided i had to make these elmo cupcakes.  the picture below is mine and it says it all:
they tasted so awful i wanted to cry.  especially since it was for walker's b'day.  the red food coloring never mixed w/ the homemade icing i made.  and on top of that red food coloring taste awful.  
ending on a positive note, i made this on monday night (despite never eating korean beef in my life).  it was delicious!!  and it was easy and quick which is a total plus in my book.  of course, mine looked nothing like the picture!!

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