i'm the queen of saying i'm going to do something and not following through w/ it....or getting bored in the middle of the project and stopping all together.....remember this post where i told what i wanted to do paint my front door?  well, i'm happy to share that i did do some stuff to spruce up my front porch.....i still have more to go like painting the ceiling blue, adding a new light, actually attaching the lion knocker on my door and removing the price tag, and making a cushion for my bench...but you get the idea :)
also, several people that stop by, like the guy fixing my refrigerator, ask if i always coordinate my toe nail polish w/ my front door color....why yes i do, thank you very much :)  alright, walker is totally over this post.  he's got more important things to do like eat cereal in the blow up pool sitting in my living room......classy, i know!!  that's how we roll :)
have a fabulous weekend!!!!!
** update...the sandals are sam edelman gigi in blanco :)

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