i had quite a weekend....saturday a girlfriend and i headed out for a road trip to go shopping....we made a little pit stop for gas about half way to our destination.  it was an unusually difficult process pumping gas....i was in the middle aisle of the gas station, everything was touch said select fuel, there was one button so i pressed it.  it took forever to pump so i only got a quarter of a tank. well, we got back on the road and immediately my car started acting we were dragging someone.  we pulled off the interstate and examined the one was under there (thankfully).  then, i confessed to my friend how difficult it was getting gas....well, to make a long story short- i pumped my car full of kerosene.  yes, apparently they now have it in the middle aisle of gas stations.  our girls trip, halted quickly as we headed very nervously to the closest toyota dealership 45 minutes down the road....they spent the next 6 hour removing it from my tank.  apparently it's not a good idea to use kerosene in your will put a huge damper on your shopping trip, your wallet, your husband won't be happy, and it will make you the butt of jokes for quite sometime!  just a little warning guys :)

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