i've got big expectations for today....front porch makeover b/c boy does she need some help!  i have had the rattan swing hanging up but it came down, when taylor was in it, and so i'm ready to retire her for a while.  my sweet neighbor gave me a chippendale bench and i'm about to take some clorox to it and some fun paint.  then i really want to repaint my front door- i'm thinking green, blue, or gray.  and i need to add ferns, plant plants in pots and bed, paint my ceiling blue, and update the light.  okay, so this might not all happen TODAY but hopefully i can start it....well, right after i finish babysitting....i've got a friend's little boys over in addition to mine.  i sent her this picture and said having 4 kids was a piece of cake (totally kidding, i would not be good w/ 4 kids but it's fun having them play).  in other news, i had a little girl time yesterday and got a mani/ pedi....loving the mint green nails...and i went bold neon pink for the toes!!  you should totally treat yourself :)  hope y'all have an amazing weekend.  wish me luck....the warning on the clorox bottle tells me to wear eye goggles, long pants, long sleeve shirt, hat, boots, and rubber gloves- what exactly am i using here??!!

*images courtesy of urban grace, cottage and vine, flourish design stylehigh street market, bhg, lucy williams interiors, me

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