have you ever tried to take a picture in a closet...that's what i felt like i was doing!!  our house was built in 1950 and so our bathrooms are tiny!!  i have no idea how photographers take pictures in's impossible.  but you get the idea.  before my bathroom was just a painted box.  there wasn't anything wrong w/ just wasn't me.  so over thanksgiving, i convinced my dad to stay a week and help make my bathroom pretty.  now, i can officially say "it's me".  we added wainscoting and that made a huge difference.  it made the bathroom feel taller and brighter.  it was a quick, inexpensive way to get a big had the wood up in about 2 hours....then it was just painting (3 coats of white) that made it official.  the next step was wallpapering.  dad has wallpapered numerous times so i was just the assistant.  it's kind of fussy work but wallpapering is one of my favorite things to add to a space!  and b/c we used the wainscoting, it cut down on how much wallpaper i actually needed.  the wainscoting was $115 for all the materials and then it was just the cost of the wallpaper....we used about 3 single rolls.  the wallpaper is quadrille/china seas java java in navy on white.   and i love her.  thanks for y'alls sweet comments and a huge thanks to my dad for being the best handyman a girl could have!!

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