seriously this blog is such a good place for me to come and daydream.....b/c my real life is so polar opposite.  it's not the easiest being a mom that works from home (and sometimes i get jealous of my husband as he leaves for work).  my youngest is going through a stage...a stage we don't remember w/ taylor.  he's very needy, he gets mad, and yes- he might hit (i said it....usually just me though...but sometimes others).  trying to send emails w/ a child that is crying next to you is not that luxurious...and i guarantee you i don't look glamourous when i am answering phone calls....i'm probably mouthing to my 4 yr old that i am on the phone and she has to wait to talk, wiping my child's nose, getting someone a sippy cup, or shutting myself in the bathroom so i can carry on an adult conversation.....either way, i love being a mom and i am thankful to have this blog as a way to daydream:)  thank y'all so much for still coming to visit....i am so glad to have you in my life!  xo- shannon

*images courtesy of dust jacket attic, bella momma, crush cul de sac, life in grace

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