for my mom's 60th b'day (which we have been celebrating for over a week), the real surprise was for my family to meet in TN and go the world's longest yard sale.  my parents and brother have been going for years but i have never made the trek...well, this year i made sure i could go and see what it was all about (it's a massive yard sale that goes from GA to Maine).  now warren was invited but he opted to stay at home and babysit the kiddos b/c he does not do yard sales!  my fam on the other hand, TOTALLY does yard sales.  the whole weekend was a blast!  my bother and i drove to TN to surprise my mom on friday....we got there early and checked into our cabin. we decided to kill time by going on a hike. eventful, would be one way to describe the experience...we ended up going a lot further then we thought-  hoping my parents would pick us up on the way into the park...well, they got lost and we were stranded in the dark for about 2 hrs.  we made the best of it w/ this iphone app called songified (might be the funniest thing ever...try it).  my parents finally arrived and the celebrating began! saturday started early w/ going to nonstop yard sales...i have never seen anything like it.  parts of it are amazing and others are like the worst yard sale you have ever been too.  but you just never know what you might find.  everyones purchases were very different: my brother has an antique booth and he has a corky/ hipster style so it was really funny to see him buy.  did you know that member's only jackets go for $50?!!  my brother did, so he was super excited to get one for $1...along w/ a locker, some blue blockers, vintage phones, tons of old t-shirts (basically everything you see in the car was my brother's).  my mom and i have a similar style- we love jadeite and old signs....she scored several plates and an adorable fresh egg sign.  i got two signs for walker's room.  my favorite purchases were a vintage crewel, framed fabric and this adorable platypus planter made from an old turquoise propane tank. my dad tends to get a lot of tools and books but on the last day, he spotted this fabulous hippo cookie jar that he got to put taylor's cookies in (soo cute)!  so that was my adventurous weekend...warren likes to call my family hoarders...we like to think of it as a hunt b/c you never know what you might find!
on another note, taylor started 4 yr old school today!  i miss her already but i hope she is having a blast!

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