my in-laws took taylor to the mountains yesterday and so we just have little walker solo this weekend.  yesterday, while walker was napping i had to chance to actually sit at the computer and read blogs!!  it was fabulous....
i spotted this bathroom on simply seleta....hello perfection!!  (and if you haven't seen it, check out what seleta's husband did for her b' cute!!)
next, i spotted this stacked glass lamp that i am dying to add to my house.....but i better start saving, b/c she's not cheap.  but fabulous, right?!!
then i decided that i wanted to have friends over for dinner friday night....i am dying to get this cookbook....this meal would be perfection, as well as this table setting:

and this is always a fun motto for fridays :)
which i found on the cutest blog....who happens to be an adorable girl i met when i was in costa rica 2 yrs ago!!  randomly, lindsey found me and remembered me from a boat cruise we were on.  she and her husband were on their last night and we were in the middle of our trip but we had a blast together on the 6+ hr boat/ snorkel excursion...could have been the cocktails that they were serving too :)  but i am so happy to see that they are expecting a baby girl....i mean how cute is she?!   you have to watch this adorable video that she posted on how they found out what they are having...and her house is fabulous as well- that would be a framed hermes scarf and those sconces are killer (i need them in my life)!
next, i visited ruby press, and this stopped me in my tracks and made me realize i want to make ice cream.....first, i need an ice cream maker....and i need to have better handwriting and cute storage containers!
after that, my little man woke up.  but the 2+ hrs i had surfing the internet was pure bliss.  i hope y'all have an amazing weekend!!!  see y'all next week! XO

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