for my b'day all i wanted was to go be a tourist in charleston.  warren and i went and spent a night downtown in a beautiful hotel, ate yummy food, and had some celebratory glasses of wine.  but my favorite part was saturday- walking down king street, going to the farmers market, eating brunch and hopping in the ocean at sullivan's.  it was so much fun that i have decided that is how i want to spend all of my b'days from here on out!!
*UPDATE: when we were at the farmer's market there was the cutest girl selling these woodblock prints and she just happened to have one turquoise hanging swing like the one i just hung on my porch.  i thought i would never find her card but i got something better, an email from her!!  yippee- go check out stacey's site- perlaAnne...great prices, super cute prints (i bought 3 b/c i couldn't make up my mind), and check out the background in some of her prints- i spy angie hranowsky's house!!

*images courtesy of you are my fav, architectural digest/quadrille, suzie b, me

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