i started working in design back in college.  i got a part time job (that eventually became a full time job) here.  at MDI i met the best group of girls.  there were 5 of us that worked together for years.  we had the best time....i miss those girlies...they taught me so much about interior design.  one of those girls was jenny keenan.  i remember returning from my honeymoon and jenny telling me she was going to take the leap and start her own firm.  i was so excited for her but secretly i wanted to cry b/c i would miss working w/ her.  well, the leap paid off b/c she is making her mark all over the charleston area.  you might also recognize her pics from Southern Living and BHG that featured her house.  she just emailed me saying she started a blog....and i think y'all should check it out!!  and how precious is that picture of her daughter lily?!!

*all images from jenny keenan interiors

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