i needed some R&R...i have been running on empty.  so the fam packed up headed to the mountains for the was just what i needed.....
i managed to read a couple of my magazines finally!  i am loving this outdoor seating arrangement in this month's country living....antique chairs that interior designer lynn-anne burns finds and then paints fun colors.  i mean, please tell me where you find a chair like the one she is sitting in...this mommy totally needs it!!!
and i flipped for angie hranowsky's kitchen design in the new charleston home....i don't think i will ever get tired of that manuel canovas wallpaper!!
i was able to find some time to go to several "junkin" spots and was super happy to find this little lucite table.  my husband eyed that guy sitting on his parent's porch and said "what is that"....little did he know, it was coming home w/ us!!!
 i had a meeting in atlanta on monday, so i made a point to stop by's a fabulous store w/ the cutest girls that own it!!!  i am dying to purchase a madeline weinrib rug that they have in there (it is sooo hard to actually find a store other then ABC home that sells them and this store does!!).  i'm saving my pennies!!
 they have adorable baby items at gramercy too...i had to snatch up a couple of pairs of shorts for walker....and they monogram the shorts!!  but since i'm not local, i took them home and am going to get them monogramed here.
when i got home from atlanta, i found these on my mother in law brought them over from her yard....i'm jealous.  the only thing growing in my yard is over grown grass and weeds.
 last night, i did my weekly run to target (if you are a mom out there and can go to target and not spend $$ please give me some's like crack for moms....i think they feed something into the air).  i had to get tay this little diddy...$14.  can you get any better?!
and i am finally happy to tell y'all....i have pillows on my sofa.  it's been a really long time since i have had any!  terrible, i know.  i just couldn't commit.  now i am dying to have more made!!!  hope y'all have a happy hump day!

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