i apologize....i have neglected y'all.  and i am sorry.  life is busy but that's no excuse....
here's what i have been up to.  the other day i went to an art auction.  i purchased a painting b/c i love the artist a lot.  it's her first original work.
i was kind of taken aback when i turned over the painting and saw exactly what the artist's subject matter was:
as far as i know, i don't own any orange unitards but apparently taylor thinks i would look nice in one.
i also went to metrolina a couple of weekends ago.  i have to admit, i have been spoiled by scott's.  i only walked away w/ a painting (not the one above).  but on the way home, we stopped by the stark outlet.  my home desperately needs rugs.  i saw "outlet" so i thought i would score an amazing deal.  i fell in love w/ this bad boy:
it was a carpet remnant that happens to be 12' x whatever you want to cut and bind it.....the only problem is she's real expensive.  the word "outlet" basically means out of my budget.  which makes me sad b/c i looked at the rug in this picture and low and behold, it's the same one:
we were totally meant to be...and the colors couldn't work better. *sigh*
to make up for the rug that's out of my price range, i bought this piece.
world market, on sale....i like her.  and the box serves as entertainment for the kiddos...i told them it was a boat.  it worked for about 20 minutes.
sunday was house "work day"....we did some rearranging (i moved the stools to the LR)....and finally hung the pictures throughout the house that have been sitting on the floor for 3 months.
that's what's going on here....hope y'all have a happy tuesday!!

*image of bedroom is courtesy of veranda

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