i didn't sleep well last night....i don't know why....okay, maybe i do.  i saw a beat up van drive down our street, twice.  so at 11:00, i create scenarios of why it was driving down our dead end road.  i hate that about myself.  i am the biggest scaredy cat.  i double check the alarm, peek at the baby monitor, turn on the TV....and pray, a lot, that my scenarios are not real.   maybe i should paint my nails hot pink and that will make it all better.
i went to scotts this past weekend.  i LOVE scotts.  it rocks.  lots of my bff's live in GA.  i always try to meet up w/ them when i go.  this past friday, we all got together for dinner and drinks.  there is nothing like good girlfriends.  we ate at the ivy.  i kept asking if this was the same "ivy" as in LA but no one knew.  i definitely didn't see any celebrities and in my head the ivy was a lot more glamorous in LA.  i woke up on Sat. and made it my job to go to sephora.  that place is like crack (more on that later).  lenox mall didn't open until 10:00 but as i drove, i passed several yard a high end neighborhood in atl.  so i had to stop.  one lady tried to get me to buy a fox or maybe it was a mink.  i saw this picture and it made me remember....
yep, it was pink like the one above.  i told her i was a mother of two small children and that i had no where to wear something like that.  maybe i should have gotten you think spit up would come out of it easy?
by 10:00, i was at sephora.  hello, that place is super dangerous.  i wanted new foundation.  i got a lady name karen, who pointed out a lot of areas i need to improve on when it comes to makeup.  in my head i hoped to leave looking like this:
but, if for some random reason you are still reading this, remember that i went out the night before w/ my girlfriends.  so i didn't leave looking like this.  instead, i got a lecture on how i shouldn't sleep in my makeup (which i swear, i usually do not do).  and i was convinced that i need to spend a lot of $$ on NARS makeup.  i was even told that i need to do homework...yes, sephora is a store that sells makeup.  my homework was to buy a good eye cream (should i be insulted) and use a mild exfoliator when i wash my face. any recommendations....b/c i was too broke when i left there to get the expensive eye cream!
okay....that is enough randomness...can you tell i have had a lot of coffee this AM!  tomorrow i will show y'all the demilune i bought at scotts!

*images courtesy of moth design, everything fabulous

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