my next project....

so when we moved from charleston, i sold our china i need one b/c i have no where to store our china, wine glasses, or silver.  yesterday, walker and i were out hunting at a local "junk" store to see what options are out there (don't you love that sexy baby bjorn!!  ha!! it's the only way i can go through an antique store w/ a baby...strollers are just too big for the aisle...we snapped a pic to harass my husband w/ what i do w/ our son while he is working!!)
i don't want anything new b/c a) i am on a budget and b) i like the idea of creating something of my own.  i found tons of china cabinets that are in the $200 range and thanks to all my our blogging friends, i have lots of inspiration....
love how rachel did these two cabinets in her house!!  loving the stripes she painted!!
 and if you haven't seen the before of this beauty, you are missing out!!

bryn definitely caught my eye w/ her 10 minute makeover....using marbleized paper!
and who can get eddie's DIY project out of their head??!!

i found a piece that is going to's heinous, seriously, but has lots of potential!
below, is what it resembles- only think china cabinet-1980, dark, knotty wood, and bad hardware!
i have a pic but i am scared to show y'all b/c you will think i have lost my mind!!  
i want to paint it and either add mirror or a turquoise pop like these two guys.....

now, i just need a truck to go and pick up the piece....hopefully, it's still there!!  my mother-in-law assured me no one would buy it b/c it was so ugly!! ha ha!  hopefully I can get it this weekend and will share pics!

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