i spy...

well, i'm officially off of my sick bed (thank you for the emails checking to make sure that i was not kidnapped by the strange van in my neighborhood...i totally left y'all hanging and i apologize).  i caught some awful bug from walker and have passed it along to just about everyone i know.  so i realize that i was going to show y'all my demilune purchase from scotts (please note: my house is a work in progress) i still need a mirror, lamp, to paint the pot the orchid is in, an entry way light, and i want to have my wallpaper lady cover the outlet w/ leftover wallpaper...but money doesn't grow on trees and i like the process of finding things so that's how i roll :)
and "i spy" isn't fun w/ just one photo, so i thought i would show y'all taylor's headboard...yes, i made it months ago and i forgot to ever show you the full thing....again, not styled....just a made up bed (kind of rare)....her room is also a work-in-progress!!  happy monday y'all!

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