i love this quote....seriously.  i'm pretty sure that all moms that stay at home w/ their children probably feel the same way.  a working mom has to learn how to juggle things.  it's taken me a while....but i am learning.  what am i learning?  well let's take today for instance- by the time 10:00 got here, i have already: feed myself and the kiddos, showered, bathed my kids, got dressed, dressed my kids, dried/ straightened my hair (the only reason i did this was b/c my hair needs to be cut so badly i'm running out of options), loaded the kids in the car, loaded 15 boxes into the car, dropped tay off at school, had an impromptu paint consultation in the parking lot of the school, drove to the post office, carried 15 boxes and walker into the post office, mailed 15 boxes while i sat walker on the counter at the post office (i debated the floor but i thought people would judge me), had a conversation  w/ the postal worker about how to be more efficient w/ my mailing and what to do w/ a teething baby (i guess she felt the need to give me advise b/c walker was eating my keys and drooling all over the counter), did a major victory dance when i left the post office b/c i mailed 15 boxes by myself w/ a baby on my hip (i do this every day and it is seriously the most challenging part of my day), drove home, paid the mortgage, gave walker a bottle, put him down for a nap, did a post at the designer's attic, and now i am finally sitting at my desk getting ready to answer emails....thank you lord for providing coffee and work.  i love being a mom and to have work in this economy is a blessing.  i know that all of you moms out there probably go through the same kind of things on a daily basis.  it makes me feel proud.   you should too....try doing a victory dance (i did it to florence + the machine this AM).  it's very powerful.  and everyday when i leave the post office, i say- i did it...all by myself :)

*1st pic taken by taylor (she's 3 and can't quite get the camera in the right position)

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