it's taken me long enough but i think my kitchen is finally okay to show y'all. when we moved in the previous owners had a lot of green accents throughout the house so the kitchen color made sense with their design scheme (real estate listing pic).
when our stuff moved in, the color stuck out a little (and a bomb went off obviously)...
i debated and debated on what direction I wanted to go with the paint colors. i posted lots of pictures.  ultimately, i decided to go w/ my gut, even though it scared me, and go greige on the cabinets and a darker greige on the walls.  here is the picture that inspired my kitchen:
and now, here is my kitchen....and i can officially say i love her!

thanks so much for all of your help- for convincing me to take a leap and not stick w/ white.  i am one happy camper.  next on my list is to find a good, faded oushak rug to plop in front of the sink :)

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