happy weekend.

i feel like this is a good thought to send us off into the's easy to get caught up in wanting all the "stuff" and living "the life"...
i need to remind myself that i am ultimately a mom so wiping my children's nose for 100th time is my duty, as well as cleaning spit up off the new rug, hanging out in the doctor's office sick room for 2 hrs, and wearing mix match pj's is just a fact of my life.  even if, in my head, i have a totally different picture!  maybe that is why this blog is such a good outlet :)
*on a side note: since i have been housebound for the last week w/ sick kiddos, i thought i would do something for myself...i got out the real simple i received in the mail yesterday and tried these faces while applying my makeup.  it is suppose to make your makeup look better.  for me, it provided a much needed laugh!  happy weekend.

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