kitchen painting

my kitchen is definitely a work in progress.  the previous owners had lots of green accents throughout the house and so the wall color made perfect sense.  however, with our stuff moved in, it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.  i have until friday to make a decision and i keep flip flopping.  i can't decide whether to paint the cabinets white or go a greige (a light grey/ green color).  here are some of the kitchens that are inspiring me.  and i threw in a pic of our current kitchen for giggles...don't you love how i styled it!!  i mean, are those seriously bunny ears on the counter...see the kind of disaster i am living in!!??

speaking of kitchen, last night i had my inlaws over for supper (they live about 5 minutes away from us so it will probably be a weekly occurrence).  my parents had cooked a pizza the other weekend for me that i couldn't get out of my head and i was dying to try to make's the strangest combination but divine- potato and leek pizza from the pioneer woman.  you have to try it- seriously!  luckily my inlaws know that i am a walking disaster case so when i dumped all the bacon on the floor that was suppose to go on the pizza, they just laughed and said we could always get take out!  luckily, i had more bacon to spare in the fridge and the pizza turned out least everyone humored me and said that :)

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