i try

i try and i totally fail every time....
i want to be that mom that has her sh*t together and i try hard...but i am not.  i need to face the facts.  i am the mom that is running around w/ her head cut off.  it's a constant battle that i face every AM.  i just can't get organized.  it doesn't matter if i wake up 3 hrs before i have to get taylor to school, i am always racing around.  i am that mom, who doesn't read the calendar until i am emptying out her book bag on the way to school and notice that today is "wear white day" and tay has on bright pink....i'm the mom that sends her daughter to school in a dress, tights, and ankle boots on "gym day"....i'm the mom that the teacher has to call in the evening to go over the "dress code" and "the calendar/ schedule" please, all of you 'together' moms, tell me how you do it.  i need help :)

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