its' beginning to look a lot like christmas....

well, kind of :)  at least for the organized people at southern flourish!  they were sweet enough to ask me and a couple of other fabulous bloggers to design a mantel for their online magazine (the newest edition just came out!!).  my instructions were to make it "city slick"'s a sneak peek....

in my real life, i am less organized.  we tried to knock out a lot of the christmas decorations and duties..
we attempted to do a christmas card....easier said then done.  most of them looked like this:

we did get one decent one w/ the family...but i will save that for later since i haven't sent my cards out yet!  after that chaos, we decided we needed to go and get our christmas tree (don't you love tay's expression).

the thing i am most excited about is the garland- i went with real this year and it is sooooo worth the $25 i spent on 75 feet of garland. if you have this option, you should totally buy it!  it is so pretty and so easy to use!  today, we are putting the rest on the exterior of the house (which needs some help, who knows what the neighbors are saying about us!!).

we managed to decorate our tree and some of the house but all in all, i wanted to keep it simple this year.    maybe it's because i am being lazy but i just don't have it in me to go all out.  while we decorated, walker entertained himself...and yes, i know that when he is 16 and sees this picture he is going to kill me...but isn't it our duty as parents to do these kinds of things to our children :)  hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!!

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