2010 was a very interesting year...
we uprooted our life in charleston and moved to beaufort, we found out we were having a baby boy, i ate my first fried pickle (and loved every minute of it), i spent 13 wks on bed rest, my daughter turned 3, a best friend survived a near fatal car accident, i had the honor of being published, i turned 31, we made new friends, i gave birth to a healthy baby boy, i joined jazzercise (and i might have dropped out), my husband and i started running again (and then maybe stopped), i expanded my company, we cooked a lot, i grocery shopped at walmart, i accomplished potty training (but not w/out a good, hard fight and maybe some tears), we drove 3,000 miles in a wk w/out the kiddos....but the best part was the time spent w/ my hubbie and two kids that i will never be able to replace.
so what does 2011 have going on???  well, my hubbie has a new job and we are moving to columbia, sc and that's about all i know for sure....but i am excited to see how it all unfolds!!
**to beaufort, our friends, and my parents- thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful town and a very memorable year ;)

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