i survived.

warren had a guys trip this past weekend in the mountains (fly fishing/ tailgating/ football game...aka no wife/ no kiddos invited).  i had the kids solo for 4 days....i admire everyone out there who is a single parent.  i learned i am not good alone (anyone who knows me knows that i'm a chicken).  i don't sleep at night b/c i think that robbers and kidnappers are lurking in the neighborhood, i lost my keys while we were on a shopping excursion and taylor looked at me after about 30 minutes of frantically searching and said "mommy, it's okay...don't cry" (i was totally about to cry)...luckily, the nice people at the gap had them.  i was so happy to see warren when he returned last night....i told him i was glad he didn't find a college girl he liked better then me....and then i went to bed at 8:30 and slept sooo good.

*images courtesy of dilly dallas, chapman interiors, domino, a life more fabulous, down and out chic

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