happy halloween!

wow, is it halloween already??!  my poor pumpkins haven't had a thing done to them...i had hopes of making them look like these charlie brown ones.  taylor decided they needed stickers, i decided one needed a mask...tonight, i am getting out the black paint...i mean it's time, they look pitiful!

i did put out some decorations...well, i bought a mum and i found the box w/ our halloween stuff....

before i decorate, i have to take advantage of my dad being here.....finally i'm doing something to poor taylor's room and making this headboard.  it's taken long enough!

halloween weekend is always a lot of fun....both sets of grandparents come to see the kids trick or treat...we eat a lot, have a beverage or two, and play games (have you played apples to apples- fun stuff...especially if you have a beverage or two)...this is what's we are having tomorrow night: oysters and ina's coconut cake but we are making them into cupcakes.

sunday night we are trick or treating....taylor's going as a garden fairy...we practiced yesterday by trick or treating downtown.

walker didn't practice but he is going as a skeleton that glows in the dark like the bad boys on karate kid....classy i know :)

and that pretty much sums up how we are going to spend our halloween....i hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and that you get lots of yummy candy (i like to "share" taylor's reese cups and anything that is sour and gummy)!!  see you next week!

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