what's your vote...

A: Headboard: Kirk Brummel, Pillow: Quadrille, Window: Victoria Hagan

B. Headboard: Quadrille

C: Headboard: Victoria Hagan

when the hubbie leaves me at home (he went to pick up tay from camp- yippee), i play....here is what i just finished playing around with..tay's pitiful room doesn't even have a picture on the wall (i went on bed rest right after we moved here and then had a newborn). it's really embarrassing...even tay makes comments about it! so here is what we are working with- two twin beds, pillows, and a window treatment. help me with this depressing room; then maybe i will finally do something about it :) so what's your vote??!!

*the monogramed shams were something i had done before we moved here...don't know if they will stay or not.
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