blog = amazing opportunity....

this blog has been a blessing for me for so many reasons and one of those was having the opportunity to be contacted by a magazine scout from BHG/ Meredith Group. i was beyond shocked when i received the email last summer asking if she could go see some of my projects. and luckily for me, the sweet team at BHG Kitchen and Baths Ideas liked what they saw. back in oct. i was able to go behind the scenes and witness how the magazines work w/ this photo shoot of my client's kitchen on sullivan's island (they also took pictures of the master bath which will be featured later this year). it is insane how much work is put into each shot and i tried to soak it all up...listening to how the photographers, editor, and stylist captured and tweaked each image (i think that would be so much fun). it took 2 full days to get 10 shots. and i couldn't be happier with the results or having the honor to appear on the cover of the july/ august issue. a huge thank you to sandi mohlmann for contacting me and for the best clients a girl could ask for, sammy and tracey, for giving me the opportunity to design their houses. and last but not least, for anyone out there contemplating what starting a blog could do for you....i hope this gives you the incentive to go for it :) i promise you won't be sorry!

*top 4 images from taken of actual magazine/ photographer richard leo johnson, bottom two me (behind the scenes)

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