yep...that's how old i am husband reminded me last night that my b'day 10 yrs ago was quite different from this one (yes, i will definitely have to agree w/ that and thank goodness the video of it is lost) and that i am closer to being 40 then 20...sweet. so today, i am drinking 1 1/2 cups of DD coffee (pushing the limits b/c i am a rebel like that), me and the big belly might go float/ capsize in the pool, a pedicure would be great (hint, hint), and then my sweet husband is cooking some kind of special dinner for tonight (hopefully there will be lots of cheese dip and cupcakes...a pregnant girl's fantasy). as far as gifting, i can seriously say that part doesn't matter to me. warren calls BS on that, but it's true. we did buy some fancy camera that is way beyond my learning curve for our anniversary/ b'day. so once i get done reading the 300 pg manual in all of my spare time, maybe my pics will start appearing better on this blog! okay, enough...this girl is off to enjoy being a yr older.....and i am keeping my fingers crossed that this kiddo stays put for today and doesn't still my thunder.

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