yesterday, my little girl turned 3! it's hard to believe how quickly she has grown up...part of me wants her to stay young forever and part of me gets so excited watching the little personality she is turning into. we celebrated with a pool party. it was her first b'day party w/ friends and she loved it (and it only rained half on the time). on her real b'day, i decided that i would make a second attempt at baking a giant cupcake for her class (for anyone who has followed this blog, my 1st attempt was a disaster). luckily, this time it actually worked...there happens to be a lot of web information on this cupcake and all the trouble it can beware if you are a beginner like myself- it's not as easy as it looks! luckily, it actually tasted okay too. here are some pictures from the weekend and yesterday....
on a different note, i have to say that taylor's b'day was met w/ a mixture of of my best friends was in a horrible car accident w/ her children hours after leaving the party when her car hydroplaned. luckily, we are so blessed that the children were left untouched and she will be able to make a full, but slow recovery. when things like this happen, it makes you want to go around and tell everyone how much they mean to you. i love you B!

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