my DR chairs....

for my b'day last year i went to scott's and purchased 6 louis xvi chairs to go w/ my DR table. they have been glad that i chose these b/c they are so comfortable and we sit in them all of the time. i knew i wanted to reupholster them....however, reupholstery doesn't come cheap. so i lived w/ the green chenille fabric on them until christmas. when my mom and mother-in-law asked me what i wanted, i quickly replied my DR chairs recovered! we got 4 done and as much as i hated it, i decided to go w/ double cording instead of the nailhead trim (it was sad to loose that look but let me just tell you, individual nail head trim adds about $50+ per chair to the cost). deciding the fabric was my next task. i wanted a stripe on the back...luckily, i had one yd of fabric leftover from a roman shade i had made (yep, the one that is now going into my son's room). so i was just debating b/w light and dark for the front. i loved two looks: one was what thomas o'brien did for dara caponigro's stylish abode and the other was ivanka trump's chairs. we opted for a chocolate brown linen/ cotton blend and i am so thankful i did....especially w/ young children....they show nothing. i wish i could show you them w/ the table but at this current time it's covered in cereal bowls leftover from breakfast, mail, and random magazines...and one of the chairs is sitting in the middle of the floor from where taylor was playing train! and to be honest, this is probably how my table looks 75% of the time :)

*top three images courtesy of domino, bottom two are mine

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