two weeks...

i have officially been on bed rest for two weeks. you learn a lot about yourself when you're stationary.... and while i try (really hard) to have an optimistic outlook on the situation, i would be lying to say it's not incredibly hard. you might find some tears rolling down my face on any given day. mostly b/c i hate having to rely on someone else to do everything for me (and b/c i am pregnant and pregnant people cry a lot). it's hard to give up control of yourself. and while i never knew i was a controlling person, i have realized that i like to have an opinion in most all situations. i cannot thank my husband enough for what he has had to become. i always knew he was amazing but to watch him be a dad, a husband, a housekeeper, a cook, a chauffeur, a grocery shopper, a dog walker, a waiter, a laundry folder, a carpool picker upper, and so much more- amazes me. he does funny things like hide the receipts from me when he gets home from the grocery store, he buys taylor outfits that maybe a little bit more tomboyish then i would prefer, he asks girls in the make up aisle what concealer is (and bless his heart, he comes home w/ some that would look amazing on a really tan person), he goes into freak out mood when i have contractions and makes me call the doctor....but mostly, he makes me so incredibly proud to have him by my side....and he puts a smile on my face everyday (even if i sometimes don't feel like doing it).

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