personal touches

lately warren has been on my case about adding some personal touches to the house....and by personal touches he means family pictures. he thinks the house feels too much like a 'show house'...believe me, my house is far from a show house but it does have tablescapes in the main areas and to a 33 yr old man, that means a show house. we do have family pictures scattered around the house, but they are mostly in our bedroom. i have a gallery wall of black and white pictures of taylor that were taken when she was one. i guess, i have kind of moved away from tons of pictures on every i at fault? my personal touches are items that have meaning like an antique bowl that was my great grandmother's or a great find that i discovered while out thrifting one day (men don't get these things, especially warren). last night taylor asked if this antique fan worked and warren replied "no, your mother likes to put old things around the house that don't work for some odd reason". am i a victim to wanting an over-decorated house? does this mean i lack personal touches? please advise....i want the house to have pretty tablescapes but i also need to please my husband b/c after all, it's his house too!

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