i confess....

i'm not going to lie, due to being on bed rest and sitting in a chair all day, i was forced to watch some crap tv last night. while flipping aimlessly and discovering nothing good comes on monday night at 8:00, i found myself watching the bachelor's final rose. not only did i watch it but so did my mother-in-law (who is babysitting me and tay while warren is out of town) and we became completely fascinated with it. (i found myself regretting giving my mom all of my old US Weekly's b/c i know that there were several stories about it!!) so, i confess- i thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hrs i spent watching crap tv last night.....
and while i am confessing, i also emailed the girl scouts of america last wk to see where they were selling cookies in beaufort. i was ecstatic when i received an email from the troop leader who informed me that they would be outside a grocery store down the road Sat. morning....and i have little guilt about sending my mother out to buy an insane amount of cookies (it's for a good cause)!!
ok, i have confessed....feel free to do the same.

*images courtesy of fiddlesticks and funny girls

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