little man.

i think my little man is trying to tell me he's ready for some attention. for the past month, i have done a fairly good job of concealing him. i throw on a puffy vest and zip it up. i thought i was pulling it off pretty well until my dad informed me otherwise. so maybe it's time to let the little man out. b/c my bump is definitely in full effect. and one person who is very aware of that is barron, my golden. he follows me EVERYWHERE...around the house, to the bathroom, to fact, as i type he is lying at my feet.
by this time w/ my first pregnancy, i think i had the entire nursery picked out...her closet was full of cute outfits and toys. but w/ the second...not so much. people keep asking me what am i doing for the nursery and i stare at them blankly. i have no idea. i'm so use to girl things and now that a boy is entering my world, i'm being thrown for a loop. but i know i don't want him surrounded by a sea of i've got to get focused. it's time to give #2 the attention he deserves...
and i think i'll start by saying he should totally be wearing one of these ittikid onesie...i mean, how cute are they?!!

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