yard sales and discounts stores....

so if you don't go to yard sales, you are just missing out. now i am not going to lie and say i totally love going. and if you had been with us last weekend when we went, i would have sworn that i would never go back. but, you have to take the good w/ the bad- and when it is bad, it's REAL bad (last week happen to fall in this category). but i am constantly reminded why it is good. for example, this awesome Pottery Barn puppet theater/ lemonade stand. this is something i would have never bought for full price but when GiGi spied it at a yard sale, it was a must have... especially w/ the price tag of $10. i cannot tell you how much fun taylor and my mom have had putting on puppet shows....which brings me to my next subject: discount stores. we all go to TJ and Marshalls but when was the last time you went to Big Lots (i have no idea the last time i was there)...but my parents were wasting time while their dog was getting groomed and stopped in. and guess who they ran into....Martha. now do you think martha stewart is dying knowing that her line is now at a discount store? well, they scored these adorable puppets for $2. i happen to be on the phone w/ mom while she was there and i asked if they had the tissue pom poms and they did....again $2. i want to put them over taylor's bed (a quick, inexpensive way to add something interesting to her room). so think yard sales and discount stores the next time your child is just never know what you are going to score!!
*oh and i couldn't help but include a pic of taylor playing at the computer last night....notice anything missing...her mullet! i got her haircut for the first time last week...major improvement :)

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